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Weekly coaching on the book’s concepts from Happiness Mentor, Taylor Proctor

Discover how the book’s takeaways can be personally applied to your real-life with real-time live group coaching. 
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Instant access to our Facebook community of like-minded people who are also dedicated to learning and growth.

Join the Facebook group to instantly start talking about what you’re learning!  
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A how-to guide for getting the most out of personal development reading

Personal development reading can have a lot of benefits if you know how to do it right. This how-to guide will help you get the most out of every personal development book you read and how to apply its teachings into your life. 
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A guide to participating in a book club to get the most out of the community

Ever struggled with finding true connections in a club before, use this guide to learn how to participate to get the most connection and value!
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Not Your Average BookClub

Personal Development Done Right...
I could never find a book club that I liked or that read books that brought actual value to my life. While I love a good fiction story, I found myself wanting more!

I wanted to read personal development books and improve my life while also being able to share what I was reading with someone or a group of people who understood. 

In short, I was sick of wasting my time with inconsequential books and attending club meetings that didn’t add any connection or value to my life.
That’s when I decided to start the Personal Development Book Club presented by Happiness Abound. 

As an avid reader of self-help books and a lover to true connection with people who are also striving to improve themselves, I wanted a book club that blended both! Also, I wanted a club that didn’t make me wait until the end of the month to talk about it.

If I read something exciting or that felt like it was written just for me, I want to share it right away and with this club, you and I can do just that. We can discuss the book, share our learnings, and interact as a community — every day if we want to. We can grow from each other and what resonated with you may be what someone else needed to be reminded of as well. 

This isn’t your read and chat once-a-month kind of club. 

It’s about growth, connection, and real-world application with a group of people who are striving for more — just like, and right alongside, you. 

In our day and age of fast access and immediate results, waiting a whole month to discuss the book you’ve read seems like such a waste of time and valuable conversation. And unlike a traditional book club, when you’re reading personal development books, you aren’t ruining the story by talking about it as you read! 

Selecting from the world’s top self-help authors and mentors like Brene’ Brown, Gretchen Rubin, Simon Sinek, Hal Elrod, Jen Sincero, and more, this club is guaranteed to provide the connection, the growth, the development, and the community you’ve been looking for. 

A book club dedicated to you,
and networking with like minded people.

Tired of book clubs that only meet once a month and don’t offer any real connection or contextual application to your life? Me too. 


Weekly and daily personal development.

This club is about connecting people and having accountability for our personal development reading and goals. This means that we share with each other, in real-time, what we’re learning from the book as we’re reading. With self-help books, there are no “spoiler alerts” or “ruining the plot” by discussing it as we go — offering true daily, weekly and monthly personal development as it relates to the book of the month.


Coaching and real-world application.

One of the most difficult parts of reading a self-help book is understanding how to shift from reading and gathering information to truly applying the concepts of the book to your actual, busy, and fast-paced life. With the book club, you see and share with others how they’re applying it as well as get weekly group coaching from me, Taylor Proctor, a world-renowned happiness mentor and life coach. 


A global community.

With members from all over the world, representing different ages, backgrounds, and cultures, it guarantees several unique perspectives of each book and its concepts. This opens the door to more learning opportunities and growth as a community and as individuals sharing our experiences.

And if all that wasn’t enough...

 Joining the club also means you get: 

Voting access on the next month’s book selection

This book club is all about community, which means that as a group, we select and vote on next month’s book! You get voting access to the book selection.

Daily Insights

Daily insights from the book as taught and shared by book club members as they read. 

A list of the top ten personal development books for beginners

Have you read these top 10 books? Get the full list of where to start if you’re just beginning your personal development journey! 

A custom, book-specific PDF bookmark each month

Print a custom bookmark with a specific quote from this month’s book! 

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Happiness Abound is bringing together a community of like-minded individuals to read (and learn from) some of the greatest mentors/authors in the world. 

If you're finding it hard to find like-minded people who enjoy reading personal development books and who discuss what they learn and are applying it, then click the button below because this is the book club for you. 
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